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May 16, 2011


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I have a greyhound I rescued. She has taught me to laugh, because of all the goofy things she does. She calms my stress when we play.
Sending out prayers for sneakers!

Randy Peyser

I found my little red dog, Toby, running through traffic 3 years ago. Toby joins the 8 cats who have made their way to my "critter cafe" in my backyard in one way or another. I love them all. I work to keep them all in kibble! ; )

Colleen Flanagan

My animals have taught me to live in joy and in the present. The only major worries that most animals feel come from their humans. More than ever, animals are reacting to the stress they absorb from us and mirroring our fears. We cannot HIDE our stress energy from our pets, but we CAN keep ourselves emotionally clear to keep them healthy, too.

Sending sunshine and healing energy to Sneakers from Arizona!

Linda Hollander

Animals do the silliest things and they do make you smile. They are the best stress reducers. Thank you for rescuing your greyhound and I'm sure she repays you with love every day.

Anaheim Boot Camp

The animals develop the believe on the Allah that give the food to every one even a insect in hills.

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