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February 06, 2009


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I don't think Kellogg should pull their contract with him. I think it will hurt them more than Phelps... on that note, I have a feeling they did this as an easy out because they cannot afford him. Times are tough, but no business wants to admit to it.

Joie Johnson

No, I don't think so. He made a mistake. Kellogs needs to get over it!

Beth Earle

Kelloggs, or any other company, has the right to follow their beliefs (values), as do we as individuals. They obviously think that their image would be tarnished by supporting someone who has smoked pot. Since they are a family cereal and have spent lots of money to promote that image, I don't have any problem with their decision.

The other companies kept him on, and that's their decision also. Their image may reflect that they are forgiving people, or that they simply didn't care. There is nothing wrong with that either. They may also feel that a legal contract is something they should honor no matter what.

We can now follow all these companies. including Kellogg's, to see how their decisions on the matter impact their bottom line.

It would be interesting to see how many people who normally eat Kelloggs cereal stopped because of that, how many didn't care, and how many people became even more loyal customers as a result.(Have no idea if there is a way to quantify that.)Maybe Kellogg's would like to let us know....

This past year I spent a lot of time figuring out what my personal values are. Integrity is one of them. Since I have been practicing that daily, where previously I hadn't always, my self-esteem and self-love has increased dramatically. I am much happier now, and have inner peace which is priceless. My life is in a growth stage of enrichment.

Having said that, I am now thinking things through and doing what I believe is right, and will continue to do so once I have my own internet business later on this year. I try not to be judgmental of others, so in this situation feel that all companies involved did what was right for them.

Linda Hollander, Wealthy Bag Lady

People talk a lot about branding. In fact, my keynote speaker at the Women's Small Business Expo is talking about how to Brand Your Way to Millions.

I believe that integrity is also part of your brand. It's more than a clever slogan or a cute character.

I admire you for living in your integrity and being authentic in your business and your life.

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This is the best post.The whole theme is presented in a classical manner. I think it is great flaw of Michael and he should pay a lot because of this mistake.

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What Kelloggs did was right. Some brand image can not spoil their good image just to have a popular star as the model.

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Great point. I think Kelloggs should continue the sponsorship.

Business Coach

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I am totally agree with Michael Phelps Kellogg's company. I think we need more companies like this one, they've got ethics and believes! It was a shame because he's a good swimming but we need more equanimity form him.


He still deserves it. I still like him as an athlete.

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