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October 30, 2010


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Cindy Morris

Hi Linda!
I always enjoy reading your newsletters and blog posts. This one really caught my eye because I think there is QUITE a difference between men and women in business. After interviewing over 20 women in business on my cable TV show, Priestess Entrepreneur: Kitchen Table Conversations (which you can watch online at, I see a recurring theme: low self-worth, undervaluing services and then not charging enough,and struggling with raging codependency, which adds to the inability to ask for and receive help. These obstacles are WAY more prevalent with women than with men.
The more we talk about these issues the more opportunity women have to engage with good coaching to help them move through the struggles to more success in business and the business of life.
I really appreciate the work you do in the world and the arena you provide for women to gather to talk business!
As the show grows I would love to interview you.
Cindy Morris, msw
Priestess Entrepreneur

Linda Hollander

Hi Cindy,

I agree with you totally. Mindset is so important in women's business success and I do spend lots of time with women getting them to play bigger.

Great observations!

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